Editorial Policy

At HindiBuddy, we work hard to give you the latest, trustworthy earning-related information. We’ve been covering money-earning ideas since 2017, with readers who trust us. While we’re based in India, our authors also come from India.

We believe in being open and fixing mistakes fast when they happen, despite our best efforts.

Ensuring Accuracy

We always research, interpret and deliver every piece of content with almost no chance of inaccuracy. In a few cases, mistakes happen, but we are committed to fixing them quickly and openly.


If you find a mistake, let us know. Contact us through our website’s contact page or email haseeb@hindibuddy.com. Please give us as much detail as possible, like the article’s URL and supporting proof.

Review Process

Once you report an error, our team checks it. If it’s true, we fix it fast and may add a note at the top or bottom of the article.


We correct errors right in the article. At the end, we note what was wrong, when we fixed it, and a brief explanation.


In extreme cases, if an article is found to be wrong or misleading, we take it down ASAP from indexes and our social profiles. After that, we post a retraction on our social media.

AI and Plagiarism

HindiBuddy does not use AI/GPTs to write articles. We only have humans writing for us. With our zero-tolerance policy, no AI or copying is allowed.

If we find plagiarism, we remove the article and ban our guilty staff for life to contribute on HindiBuddy.


We have a team of highly qualified authors and editorial staff, all of whom have top-notch knowledge of their field. Each article shows who wrote it and links to their bio and contact info like their social media profiles.

Commitment and Integrity

We stand by honest reporting following our highest standards of integrity. Our corrections show our dedication to truth and accuracy.

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