तीन पत्ती ₹200 से ₹500 बोनस (डाउनलोड करें और पाएं)

तीन पत्ती 200 बोनस से 500 Bonus Apps: India’s Teen Patti bonus 200 Rupees giving game has become a favorite among many game users. The game is not only fun to play, but it also provides opportunities for players to earn real money. 

teen patti 200 bonus apk | all teen patti 500 bonus app

In this post, I will discuss how you can make money from the Teen Patti Real Cash Bonus game. We will take a look at the game’s features and mechanics and provide some tips and tricks to help you earn. 

So, let’s get ready to explore the world of the 3 Patti 200 & 500 Bonus APK and how you can earn real cash from playing this popular game.

आप क्या-क्या जानेंगे?

तीन पत्ती 200 बोनस लिस्ट (डाउनलोड करके ₹500 तक पाइये)

तीन पत्ती 200 & 500 Bonus Appsकितना Free Bonus मिल सकता है?
Rummy Gold PlusMax. 200 Bonus on Signup (Try this App)
Teen Patti Mastermind (Most Trusted)Up-to 500 Bonus (Register Here)
Teen Patti Golden (The best app)Rs. 41 Real Cash Bonus (Sign-up Free)
Power Teen PattiMin. ₹200 Bonus (Avail the benefits)
Teen Patti Epic (New Bonus APK)Rs. 20 Instant, 51 Rs. in 1 Day (Try this App)
BWS Teen Patti GameFree 200 Bonus in 5 Days (Get the App)
Teen Patti YesUp to Rs. 500 Bonus (Get Bonus Here)

तीन पत्ती 200 बोनस गेम की जानकारी

Teen Patti ₹100 and 500 Bonus is a popular mobile gaming app that allows players to enjoy classic Indian card games with the added excitement of earning real cash. The game features a user-friendly interface and simple mechanics, making it easy for new players to start.

One of the standout features of Teen Patti Bonus 100 APK is the wide range of games available to choose from. Players can join different tables with varying buy-ins and stakes.

Apart from the variety of games, the app also gives a 200% deposit bonus. Further 20 Rupees per refer and 30% of friends recharge is also given. 

तीन पत्ती 200 बोनस & 500 बोनस App Download

No. of Downloads1.99+ Million
Ratings9.7 Out of 10 Stars
1st Login BonusRs. 200 Bonus, Up to 500 Rupees
तीन पत्ती 500 बोनसInstall & Get Rs.200 Bonus
तीन पत्ती बोनस 100 APKInstall & Get Bonus
Refer & Earn Bonus₹20 on Install, 35% Commission on Friends’ Recharge 
Referral CodeONSWPK
Payout MethodsBank Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal100 Rupees

तीन पत्ती 200 & 500 बोनस APK Features

  • 3 Patti cash withdrawal games– The app has a variety of games available that you will not see in any of the other apps. 
  • Refer and earn unlimited– The app gives 20 Rupees per person and a 30% recharge bonus. 
  • Lucky spin for free cash– The app gives a daily chance to spin and earn money. 
  • Verified 200 and 500 Bonus– The app gives 10 Rupees to verify your mobile number and Rs. 50 to 500 in the next 7 days.

Teen Patti ₹200 बोनस APK डाउनलोड कैसे करें?

  1. To download the 3 Patti 100 bonus APK, just click on the link. Install the app here.
  2. You will land on the official page of the app. 
  3. Scroll and will see a download button. 
  4. Click on the Teen Patti bonus 50 download button and it will start. 
  5. After downloading, click to install it and then earn. 

How to Register for 200 & 500 Rupees Bonus Teen Patti Game?

  1. After downloading the app, click to open it. 
  2. Now it will log in as a guest. 
  3. Just tap on your profile and click on verify mobile number. 
  4. Put up your number and get OTP. 
  5. Fill it in and tap on verify and you will be registered.

Heads up, Now you can try these पैसा कमाने वाला तीन पत्ती गेम to get a maximum Rs. 500 bonus and earn up to ₹3,100 every day.

Teen Patti Real Cash Bonus Login Benefits

Number of DaysDaily Check-in Bonus
Day 1 2-6 Rupees
Day 23 Rupees
Day 35-10 Rupees
Day 410 Rupees
Day 58-12 Rupees
Day 620 Rupees
Day 7100 Rupees

How to Get ₹200 & 500 Bonus in Teen Patti Game?

  1. Click to open the Teen Patti 500 Bonus app. 
  2. It will login you as a guest. 
  3. Click on the profile icon and then on verify mobile number. 
  4. Fill in all the information and OTP and click on verify. 
  5. Now a notification will come up to claim a 50 Rupees bonus.

One second, you can earn real Paytm cash by installing and using these best 3 Patti Paytm cash apps with 1-click withdrawal feature.

Teen Patti 200 Bonus APK Refer & Earn 

The refer and earn feature of the app will provide you with 20 Rupees per referral to your family and friends. Invite more people and win an unlimited sum of money. 

Apart from this, the refer and earn feature also gives a 30% friends recharge bonus. Here are the steps to refer and earn in the Teen Patti real cash bonus app.

  1. Open the Teen Patti 100 bonus APK. 
  2. At the bottom, click on the refer and earn option. 
  3. Now you can share the app by your link as well as other options. 
  4. If you prefer WhatsApp, 5 Rupees extra you will get on per referral.

Earning Games in 500 Bonus Teen Patti App

Teen PattiDragon Vs Tiger
Big WheelKing Vs Queen
Captains Bounty
Jhandi Munda

Steps to Play Big Wheel in Teen Patti 200 Rupees Bonus 

The casino game known as “The Big Wheel” makes use of a big vertical wheel that can be spun. In different versions of the game, the wheel is divided into different segments, different symbols are used in the segments, and different numbers are mentioned. Where it stops, you will win that amount.  

  1. Open the 3 Patti 50 Bonus app. 
  2. On the dashboard, find and open the Big Wheel game. 
  3. It will take 1 minute to download the resource pack. 
  4. Then the game will start automatically. Select the bet and start the game.

तीन पत्ती ₹200 बोनस Recharge Offer

Deposit AmountPercentage of BonusAmount of bonusTotal Amount
500 Rupees5%25 Rupees525 Rupees
1000 Rupees5%50 Rupees1050 Rupees
2000 Rupees5%100 Rupees2100 Rupees
3000 Rupees5%150 Rupees3150 Rupees
5000 Rupees5%250 Rupees5250 Rupees
10000 Rupees5%500 Rupees10500 Rupees

How to Add Cash in Teen Patti 500 Bonus APK?

  1. Open the Teen Patti 50 Bonus app. 
  2. Tap to open the Add Cash option. 
  3. Now select the amount and click on Recharge. 
  4. A new window will open and from there choose a payment method. 
  5. Click to complete the transaction.  

Teen Patti Real Cash Bonus Withdrawal 

Before withdrawing you must know the terms and conditions that if you are a premium member then you will be able to take out money. 

  1. Open the bonus 50 Teen Patti app. 
  2. Click on the withdrawal option. 
  3. Now select the cash you want to take out. 
  4. Now select the method and fill in the information like UPI ID or bank account number. 
  5. Tap to confirm and the app will start the process.

Teen Patti Game 200 Bonus VIP Member Plan 

Levels of VIP MembersDaily BonusWeekly BonusMonthly BonusWithdrawal Times
VIP 15 Rupees10 Rupees50 Rupees3
VIP 210 Rupees15 Rupees80 Rupees4
VIP 315 Rupees20 Rupees100 Rupees5
VIP 420 Rupees25 Rupees120 Rupees6
VIP 525 Rupees30 Rupees150 Rupees7
VIP 630 Rupees50 Rupees200 Rupees8
VIP 730 Rupees60 Rupees250 Rupees9
VIP 850 Rupees70 Rupees300 Rupees10
VIP 960 Rupees80 Rupees400 RupeesInfinite
VIP 1080 Rupees100 Rupees500 RupeesInfinite 

How to Earn Money in Teen Patti 200 & 500 Bonus?

Lots of people or users only knew about some of the ways to earn money from this app but below I am going to tell you all the ways to earn cash from the Teen Patti 50 and 100 bonus app. 

#1. Login Bonus (200to 500 Rupees)

The Teen Patti Bonus app gives new users 50 Rupees to 100 Rupees real cash bonus for signing into the app. You can use this money to play games or to learn games. 

#2. Refer and Earn (Rs. 1500 Per Friend)

The refer and earn feature of the app allows you to share the app through links, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more methods and give 20 Rupees per referral as well as 30% friends recharge bonus. 

#3. Coupon 

The app provides an in-app purchase coupon that is also known as Spin Welfare Coupon. You can win up to 5000 Rupees just by investing 300 Rupees.

#4. VIP Membership 

The 50 Rupees Bonus 3 Patti game app has 10 levels of VIP available in the app which gives daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses to every premium user according to their VIP level.

#5. Daily Lucky 

This option provides you with a daily spin to win a surprise daily. It can be a huge amount of cash.

तीन पत्ती 500 Rupees बोनस Coupon

The coupon feature of the app allows you to earn a 100% bonus on the spin. You will get 4 types of options for spin and in every opportunity the amount of winning money is different. Follow my steps below. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti real cash 50 bonus app. 
  2. Click on the coupon option. 
  3. Now select the type of spin and proceed with it. 
  4. Where it will stop you will win 100%.

Teen Patti ₹200 Bonus Charge Gift

The features said that you will get a bonus when you first recharge your gaming account. You can get up to 200% plus cashback. Check it out below for more information in the table. 

Amount of recharge% of bonusDaily bonus for 5 DaysTotal bonus get 
300 Rupees130%60 Coins330 Rupees
500 Rupees150%150 Coins600 Rupees
1000 Rupees200%750 Coins1250 Rupees

Teen Patti 500 Bonus Verify Feature 

The feature is for new users who have just created an account on the 3 Patti Bonus 100 app. Dear new user, if you verify your mobile number in the app, you will get 10 Rupees instantly. Follow my steps to do so. 

  1. Click to open the gaming app 50 Bonus Teen Patti. 
  2. Now see the left side, an option to verify will appear. 
  3. Now put your Email ID, mobile number then OTP. 
  4. Then clock on the bind and you will get 10 Rupees credited into your account. 

Teen Patti Bonus 200 APK Mailbox

This feature consists of emails related to offers, welcome bonuses, any new event in the app, or any update in the 3 Patti 50 Rupees bonus app. You can find all the mail here. When it becomes full, you can empty it. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Real cash bonus app. 
  2. Go to the dashboard and click on the mail option. 
  3. Now you will see all the emails here. 
  4. You will also find a clean-up button below.  

तीन पत्ती 200 Bonus App Gullak Feature

The Gullak feature helps you to earn 1 rupee per hour and when 10 Rupees are collected in Gullak, you can withdraw all the money. You can get a Gullak after inviting two friends successfully. 

  1. Click on the APK Teen Patti Bonus 50. 
  2. Click on the refer and earn section. 
  3. Now click on the 2nd option of Gullak. 
  4. Click on the Break Gullak option and collect your money. 

Teen Patti Real Cash Bonus Customer

The executives of the app are working for 24 hours just to solve any of the queries their user feels but most of the users don’t know how to connect with them. Just follow my steps. 

  1. Open the 50 Rupees Bonus 3 Patti game. 
  2. Now a smiley face icon will appear on the right upper side. 
  3. Click on it and you will get some of the answers to the questions. 
  4. You can also message them from here as well as give feedback. 

Teen Patti Bonus Game FAQs

Is Teen Patti Bonus 200 & 500 earning app safe and secure?

Yes, the Teen Patti 50 and 100 bonus app claims to use random dealing algorithms and anti-fraud measures to ensure fairness and security for users. It also has a customer support team to assist players.

How do I earn free chips in the 3 Patti 200 Bonus game apps?

You can earn more chips in the Teen Patti 50 Bonus app by winning games, completing daily challenges, inviting friends to play, or through in-app purchases.

Can I play Teen Patti Bonus 500 app offline?

No, the Teen Patti 50 Bonus app usually requires an internet connection to play as it involves multiplayer interactions with other players.

Is there a mobile version of the 200 Bonus Teen Patti game?

Yes, Teen Patti 50 Bonus is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Is the 3 Patti 500 bonus game free?

Yes, Teen Patti 50 Bonus 51 game is free to play.

Is Teen Patti 200 Bonus APK safe and secure?

Yes, the app uses advanced data encryption technology and is fully compliant with the best practices for fair gaming.

Do I need a special skill to play?

Only basic knowledge of the rules and an understanding of card combinations are required. The app offers tutorials and suggestions so that you can quickly hone your skills.

What are the types of bonuses the Teen Patti game 200 bonus gives?

The Teen Patti 100 Bonus app refers to the additional chips or bonuses you can earn while playing Teen Patti. It may include daily login bonuses, referral rewards, special promotions, spins, and many more. 

Will I be able to play online with friends and random players?

Yes, you can connect with your friends and family and join their tables or invite them directly.


It is to conclude that the Teen Patti 200 Bonus app is an excellent way for teens to have an exciting and engaging time playing a classic game. With a wide range of options available, the Teen Patti Bonus 500 app has been well-received by users worldwide.

With a great graphics engine, easy-to-use interface, and a regularly updated reward system, The app has proven to be a great tool for teens to earn real money. 

With its easy accessibility and secure features, this Teen Patti 200 bonus game is assured to provide a secure and entertaining gaming environment to keep teens engaged for a long time.

Up to 1000 Rupees login bonus, up to 1500, Rupees referral bonus, 30% recharge amount bonus, and various games make the Teen Patti 200 & 500 bonus app quite different from others.

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